Rajatpat – April 1, 2015

Posted on April 1, 2015

Rajatpat – April 1, 2015 Rajatpat is a Nepali filmy program that airs on Kantipur Television for long time. This show is hosted by Prakash Subedi. In this weekly program, host talks about the recent and upcoming events and news about the Nepali Film Industry. They also sometimes air new movie songs, and trailers through their program.
In this episode of Rajatpat, Prakash Subedi talks plays the trailer of last week’s release Bhul Bhulaiya. He talks about the other few upcoming movies such as Bracelet (starring: Ramesh Upreti, directed by Nirmal Sharma (Gaida). They also talk about upcoming film: Hostel Returns which is a sequel of super-hit film, Hostel.

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