Meri Bassai – March 10, 2015

Posted on March 10, 2015

Meri Bassai – March 10th, 2015 | Last week, Muskan Pasa was drunk and was trying to sue Hanumane because he said “hutt” to him at his home. When Mangali returned from her mom’s house, she beats Hanumane.

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Meri Bassaiis one of the most popular Nepali comedy shows telecasts on National Television of Nepal, Nepal Television since 2006. This comedy show is written by Sitaram Katel (Dhurmus), and directed by himself. The story of this show is based on the village life. Main characters are Dhumus, Muskan Pasa, Khadkaji(all three characters played by Sitaram Katel), Suntali (dhurmu’s wife) and fatauri (Kunjana Ghimire; real life wife of Sitaram Katel), and more characters in comic roles.