Short Movie – The Revenge: Power of Spirit

Posted on February 15, 2015

Plot Sumary: The story revolved around an apartment where a unknown person get hit by car and but in graveyard. The person spirit take his revenge on all four friends in different places with different way of death. Ganesh’s friend calls an exorcist named Udaya. Udaya sees the ghosts of Sandash. Ganesh explains the situation to Udaya(exorcist) and ask for help. Udaya comes with ganesh and somehow placates Sandash’s spirit. Then the spirit let him go and disappears for ever.
Casts: Ganesh Katel, Sandash Sangraula, Passang Tamang, Phurba Tamang and Umesh Sangraula

Watch Video:

Video provided by Ganesh Katel

short nepali movie revenge

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