Jire Khursani – January 26, 2015

Posted on January 26, 2015

Jire Khursani -January 26, 2015 | 513th Episode | Jire Khursani is a popular Nepali Satirical Comedy show which airs on National Television of Nepal, Nepal Television for about 10 years.

Last week, Aashina Prasad went to with his new wife’s home. And when they got there, they found out the Rata Makai sold out all their dogs. This week, Jire Khursani starts with Thula Baa (Pareko Ma Behurula) massaging Netaji’s hand. Khurapati hakim talks about some serious things. Dolma is asking Rata Makai to leave her home, but he is refusing to leave. What happens next is very funny.