Jay Bhundi – RP Bhattarai (Lajalam)

Posted on January 29, 2015

Jay Bhundi… is a comedy song by comedian RP Bhattarai (aka: Lajalam from Tito Satya). This song is from his second music album, Nepali Bhundi. The lyrics for this song is given by Dambar Bikel, music by Prakash Ojha, and arranged by Bishan Manandhar.
Along with RP Bhattarai himself, this music video features popular Nepali TV actors like Jogindar, Mulako Saag (Meri Bassai) Chaunsuri (Meri Bassai), Balchhi Dhurbe (Meri Bassai), and more.
All of the songs in this album is in his voice as we can hear him in popular Nepali sitcom, Tito Satya.