Harke Haldar – December 14, 2014

Posted on December 14, 2014

Harke Haldar – December 14, 2014 | Few weeks before, Lahure Baa had formed the relationship of Uncle-niece in Dashain with Bautuli. So Gajale Maila(Butali’s husband) was ready to go to his duty. However, in the previous episode, Jhamke found Lahure and Batuli alone in jungle and took some photos and videos to show it to Batuli’s husband. Then everything messed up. This week, Gajale Mailo did suicide. Aashe got mad with Lahure Baa, and she accused Lahure Baa with murder of her father, Gajale.

Harke Haldar is a comedy show based on village life which airs on Kantipur Television for about four years now. Bishnu Sapkota plays various characters in this show. All other characters have single role. This show is directed by Prakash Subedi.