Bhadragol – December 5, 2014

Posted on December 5, 2014

Bhadragol – December 5, 2014 | Bhadragol is a popular Nepali comedy show airs on National Television of Nepal, Nepal Television for a year now. They have completed about 54 episodes now.

This show is written by Arjun Ghimire (Paadhe) and Kumar Katel (Jigree), and the director is popular Nepali Films’ director Shankar Acharya. Kumar Katel is a brother of comedian Sita ram Katel (Dhurmus). The story of this show is based on the village life. Main characters are Paade(Arjun Ghimire), Jeegri (Kumar Katel), Bariste(Shankar Acharya), Dhature (C.P. Pudasaini), Todpeni (Manisha Thapa), Cockroach (Hari Niraula), and more.
Last week, Barista was tired of Jigri for not doing anything at home. So he wants Jigri to get married. Jigri was happy with his father’s descision. On the other side, Pade wanted to listen some music on Jayante’s phone. He asked Cockroach and Bale Solti to put music on his phone, but since he has old phone which doesn’t support Bluetooth, he was very mad and threw his phone. This week, they have little different story, but interesting and full of comedy as always.