Bhadragol – November 14, 2014

Posted on November 14, 2014

Last week, Padhe wanted to repair his home. Bilashe too wanted to repair his home with some wood trees that he has in the farm. When he went to get it, it was not there. So he asked Bariste to go with him to search for his wood. On the way, they found Paade bringing a wood one similar to his. Bariste tried to accuse Paade of stealing Bilashe’s wood. This week, they have little different, but a interesting story.

Bhadragol is a popular Nepali Comedy Television Show which telecasts on Nepal’s National Televison: Nepal Television. This show’s previous name was called Sisnu Pani Jhyamma. Writer of this show is Kumar Katel (Jigree), and Arjun Ghimire (Paadhe), and this show is directed by popular Nepali Films’ director and producer Shankar Acharya (he is also father of Raj – Tito Satya Deepak’s son). The story of this show is based on the village life. Main characters are Paade(Arjun Ghimire), Jeegri (Kumar Katel), Bariste(Shankar Acharya), Dhature (C.P. Pudasaini), Todpeni (Manisha Thapa), Cockroach (Hari Niraula), and more..