Bhadragol – October 31, 2014

Posted on October 31, 2014

Last week Bhadragol had the Tihar Special. Jidre, Cockroach, and Bale went to play deusi, but Jigre broke his promise of not drinking until finish playing Desusi. jigre promised to bring a dog for Rakshya, but he failed to do that. On the other side, Pade gathered the rice/food that people give to crows in Tihar. This week they have new story.

Bhadragol is a popular Nepali Comedy Television Show which telecasts on Nepal’s National Televison: Nepal Television. This show’s previous name was called Sisnu Pani Jhyamma. Writer of this show is Kumar Katel (Jigree), and Arjun Ghimire (Paadhe),